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Elastic round steel wire joint, mainly used for connecting elastic round steel wire, used for box package steel wire frame, straight round steel wire and other products, can be matched with the corresponding elastic round steel wire, and provide the joint breaking service. Foshan Shunde District Ju Tao Metal Products Co. , Ltd. has more than 20 years of production experience, mainly produces spring barrel steel wire, elastic flat steel wire, elastic round steel wire and other steel wire products, punctual delivery, high-quality products!

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Specifications and dimensions

Material: 70 # High Carbon Steel
Cross-sectional shape: circular
Section size: Φ2.0mm-2.5mm,Φ2.7mm-3.0mm
Product usage: Straight round steel wire, steel wire box package

Production process

Galvanised surface treatment
Processing Technology: Pressing Press

Nature of the product

(1) Good resilience, long-term use without deformation
(2) Uniform plating, according to customer requirements electroplating
(3) Elasticity and hardness adjustable according to customer requirements
(4) The uniformity of the material and the sensible design of the specification


Focus on the production of a variety of flexible steel wire
Set Design and development, production and sales, after-sales in one

The total area of the production plant is more than 1500 square meters
More than 20 years manufacturing experience quality assurance
More than 200 square meters of product warehouse supply faster one step

JUtao· Elastic round steel wire joint
Wholeheartedly providing the fine product for you, taking your demand as the core

juto (1)
The PlAnt Occupies An Area
1500 Square meters modern factory

juto (2)
Production Equipment
Automated manufacturing equipment
Getting to work faster

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Brand Precipitation
The monthly output is about 1 million pieces

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Professional Team
One-stop service team

Support for any size customization

Source factory

Cutting Assembly

Custom Processing

Spot Wholesale

Specifications     Size   Models
Large processing range, strong ability, according to customer specifications customized

JUtao· Elastic round steel wire joint
Complete specifications, custom processing

Direct Deal



Qualified Quality

On Time Delivery

A good wire has a good spring
Adopting domestic high quality 70 # high carbon steel and secondary high temperature tempering heat treatment process, the round steel wire is elastic and durable.

Strict selection of raw materials for high-demand production
Selected domestic high-quality raw materials, made by multiple processes, strict control of products, reliable quality.

Good elasticity does not deform easily
High-quality raw materials, the finished product after repeated testing, not easy to deformation, durable.

Can be customized fast delivery
Can be customized according to customer needs of different specifications of products, details can be consulted customer service.

Pioneer Leading


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Scope of application

Face The Industry You Need With Quality And Performance Coexist

Children's tunnelChildren's Tunnel

 Children's raincoatsChildren's Raincoats

Collect the basketsCollect The Baskets

Laundry BasketLaundry Basket

Products Parameter

Size can be customized,need to customize please contact customer service.

name Elastic round steel wire joint
Model Elastic round steel wire joint 001
material 70 # high carbon steel
Brand Jutao Metal
Workmanship Galvanized
Specifications Custom-made according to customer requirements

Scope of application: Steel wire for bag, steel wire for receiving basket, steel wire for handbag, Filter Bag, dream catcher,Children's tunnel,Children's raincoats,Collect the baskets,Laundry Basket

Note: Because each customer production requirements are different,the above prices for reference only, specific prices and production cycle mainly interview

Customization Process

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