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About Us


Foshan Shunde District Jutao Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Beijiao, Shunde, which is known as the “Key manufacturing city of China's home appliances”, adjacent to Foshan a ring high-speed, Guangzhou around the city high-speed and Sanle Road, transportation is very convenient.

Founded in 2011, with more than 20 years of receiving barrel spring, tunnel spring and elastic flat steel wire production experience. With the help of the rapid development of the national economy, has developed into a set of product development, production, sales and equipment r & D and manufacturing of high-tech Enterprises. Factory covers an area of 1500 square meters, with a number of automatic plane bending machine, flat steel wire straightening cutting machine, spring molding machine and other advanced equipment, the monthly output of 300 tons.

Company R & D and manufacture of wire rolling production equipment, garbage can spring molding equipment, equipment r & D and manufacturing, product design and manufacturing in one, specializing in the production of spring and elastic flat steel wire and production equipment.

The main products such as trash can spring, tunnel spring have the advantages of uniform material, good elasticity, reasonable shape design and so on. Elastic flat steel wire, good elasticity, high flatness, even zinc coating, and according to customer requirements to adjust the elasticity, hardness. Products are widely used in garbage cans, storage buckets, ice bags, folding tents, children tunnel spring, PET channel spring outdoor supplies, car shade, frisbee, laundry basket, hat rings, bags, car wiper and many other industries.


Since the establishment of our“Customer satisfaction, our driving force” as the core concept, with excellent product quality, reasonable prices, accurate delivery and quality service, has been with customers to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship, widely praised by customers.

In the heart to thank our customers, we will be more committed to the future development. The company will continue to strengthen management and investment efforts, and according to customer needs, product improvement and development, to provide customers with more and better products, to create a new industry benchmark.

The company's own R & D and transformation of the equipment used in the production of the company's products, in the industry to achieve first-class level. With the advantage of production efficiency, stable product quality and strong service awareness in the industry widely praised.

Looking forward to the future, we will continue to do fine and fine, do well quickly, do bigger and stronger, encourage the hardware manufacturing industry to establish a brand, for the national economy and national industry to contribute to the development.