What are the types of spring wire?

There are many kinds of spring steel wire, each type has its specific use and advantages. Here are some of the main types of spring wire:

1.Carbon Spring Steel Wire: this kind of steel wire is mainly used for cold coil spring, which does not need heat treatment after cold coil forming or only by low temperature heating. Carbon spring steel wire with high tensile strength, elastic limit, fatigue strength and toughness, can resist shock and vibration. It is usually made of high carbon quality carbon structural steel or carbon tool steel wire rod.

2. Alloy spring wire: this type of wire is subjected to heat treatment after winding the spring. It is mainly made of silicon-manganese, chromium-vanadium alloy spring steel, with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

3. Quenched and tempered spring steel wire: quenched and tempered spring steel wire includes oil quenched and tempered carbon spring steel wire and silicon manganese alloy spring steel wire. Quenching-tempering treatment after drawing can make the steel wire have higher elastic limit and yield ratio, and keep good toughness and fatigue resistance.

What are the types of spring wire


4. Stainless Spring Steel Wire: most of these wires are made from Austenitic stainless steel and have excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and non-magnetic properties. It is widely used in chemical machinery and electronic equipment and other fields need special working environment of the spring.

In addition, there are some special types of spring wire, such as deformation heat treatment wire and piano wire. Piano wire with very high elastic limit and strength limit, is widely used in small spring materials, such as safety valves commonly used.

These different types of spring steel wire because of their unique properties, it is widely used in mattresses, automobile cushions, mechanical manufacturing, stationery power tools, electrical equipment, chemical machinery, electronic equipment and other fields. In the selection of spring steel wire, need to be based on the specific application needs and scenarios for trade-offs and considerations.

Post time: May-16-2024